Hello! Im Alvaro Torres Carrasco

Back-end Developer

Main Skills


Mainly React. I started with Angular just a couple of years ago, but I don´t like it too much. Then, a colleague recommended me to try React, a new User Interface Javascript Library. And i have to say that React dazzled me. Lightweight, good docs and you can write more pure Javascript than Angular. Also, I use Apollo and React-Query.

Database and Source Control

PostgreSQL is my main database engine. I started with MySQL, but for large records, Postgres is better. As a NoSQL database, I prefer to use MongoDB.

I use git for all. I have 2 years of experience with this source control system and I save all my projects on my github


Backend is my specialty. At the present, I use NestJS with Typescript. I like to use GraphQL for my API´s (if it suits). I always try to get the best possible perfomance for my server with design patterns and good techniques. Apart from Nest, I use Django

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